Julez Bryant wins 2018 Couture “Peoples Choice” Award

Julez Bryant wins 2018 Couture “Peoples Choice” Award

June 12, 2018

Julez Bryant wins COUTURE's coveted "People's Choice" award for 2018 with "The Ghostrider" Sapphire & Diamond Rose Gold Pendant.

National Jeweler said about the award ceremony:

"The final award of the evening, People’s Choice, was voted on via text live at the show, and went to Julez Bryant, who tearfully shared the story of how her “Ghostrider” pendant was made just before her mother passed away, and is dedicated to all those who are “riding out” of life.

In conclusion, she dedicated her win to other jewelry designers who got pushback early on in their careers. 

“This,” she said of her award, “is for us garage designers who people said would never make it.”

Big hugs & congrats Julez!

 The JB Team