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Jewelry Care


Julez Bryant handcrafted jewelry requires proper care and attention to maintain the beauty of our custom finishes and settings. It is recommended to remove your jewelry when washing your hands, putting on lotion, face creams or perfume. These and other natural elements can dull the appearance of gold and gemstones.

When not being worn, we recommend jewelry be stored in a soft fabric protective pouch. For light cleaning, you may gently polish with a jewelry polishing cloth or you can soak for 3-5 minutes in a bowl of warm water and diluted dish soap, gently cleaning with a soft bristle toothbrush, then dry completely with a soft lint-free cloth. Please note that ultrasonic cleaning is too aggressive for most gemstones. Professional cleaning is suggested annually.

In addition, we suggest you take daily activities into consideration when choosing your jewelry to wear. To avoid scratches or damage to any stones, it is best to avoid wearing to the beach, at the swimming pool, working out, doing housework or gardening. It is also recommended to not expose any jewelry to the likes of bleach, household cleansers, hard surfaces, or rugged activities.

Sizing Guide


Let's Make Sizing Easier

Let us assist you in finding your ideal fit and style with our Sizing Guides as a reference. As always, you are welcome to call or message us anytime for recommendations or assistance.  


Necklace Layering Guide

Pendant Sizing Guide

Our charms and pendants are offered in a variety of shapes, but generally follow a sizing sequence of baby, small, medium, large and x-large. Please use this Sizing Guide to reference in relation to US coin sizes.

Request Free Ring Sizer

If you do not know your current ring size, we are happy to send you a complimentary ring sizer so that we can more accurately size your ring for the best fit.

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Bracelet & Bangle Sizing

Sizing for bracelets will vary depending on the style. Our cuff bracelets follow a standard sizing structure of Small and Medium (measurements shown below).

Our chain bracelets are designed at a specific length as stated in the description (typically 6" - 7" in length).

We are happy to customize these lengths for a more comfortable fit. Please email us at for all specific recommendations for select designs.

If you do not know your wrist size, here are some easy pointers to consider for achieving the best fit.  
1.) Take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist at the wrist bone. Mark the position on the string.
2.) Use a ruler to measure the length of the string in inches to the nearest 1/4".
For a snug / close fit, use wrist measurement from above and round up to the nearest 1/4".
For a loser fit, round up to the nearest 1/4" and then add an additional 1/4".
Our approximate length of our open cuff bracelets is 5.5" for Small and 6" for Medium with a 1" opening between the ends.